Paying for a claim review

Paying for a claim review

Once the WhisperClaims system has gathered all the information it needs, you can purchase and download your report. If at this stage you have any concerns about the claim or would like a second-opinion, you can opt to request and pay for a claim review.

A claim review is a manual process whereby one of our R&D experts assesses the claim, and any publicly available information about the claimant company, to produce a detailed document about the claim. Our expert looks at the likelihood that the projects are eligible, based on the information provided, and analyses the costs to ensure that the claim hangs together as a whole.

To request and pay for a review, simply select the  option at the checkout. By default, you pay using the payment method you set up when you first set up the account, that is, either by credit card or direct debit. You cannot pay for the claim and the review using different payment methods.

Once you have made the payment one of our experts will be in touch to confirm that they are working on your claim review, Your report will be sent to you via email within 24 working hours of your request.

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